What’s In the Bible for You?

2018 Chronological Bible Reading Schedule

2018 Spring Group Lessons

God has a plan.

His plan includes you.  If you are reading this, you are probably already looking for God’s plan for you.  My guess is that you intentionally opened this site because you are at least curious and maybe seriously seeking what God has in store for you.  I know one thing: God really wants good things for you.

The Bible is the book He has given us to lead us in His plan for us.  This book is beyond extraordinary, it is a God breathed work of divine origin, and it tell us that each one of us is also a God breathed work of divine origin!  We didn’t arrive here by accident.  We’re not simply highly organized matter somehow randomly gathered through time and chance to become living, thinking, responsible beings.  You and I are family!  We all came from one earthly father who was created by God, our Heavenly Father!   That’s how we got here in the first place.  It was good at first, in fact, it was so good that God Himself said that it was “very good.”  But, sadly it didn’t stay that way very long.

The Bible tells us (within a couple of pages) what our first human father and mother did that ruined things.  Our problems began with a bad decision based on a lie.  God had warned against it, but instead of trusting the words of God, our original mother and father listened to a lying snake, literally.  God called their disobedience to His word “sin,” and sin is deadly.  We’ve been haunted with sin ever since.  Sin separates us from God.  This separation brings death because God is the very source and sustainer of all life.  Without God, life would not and could not exist.

The Bible is God’s book that tells us who God is, where we came from, what our problems are and how God brings us back to Himself.  The Bible tells the story.

This year, our church family is reading through the Bible in a unique way.  It’s called a “Chronological Bible,” meaning that all the books and events within the Bible are organized in chronological order (see the above link for a reading schedule).  The Bible is a collection of 66 books or documents organized more by topic than by chronology.  The Bible includes history, law, poetry, prophecy, wisdom literature, romance, biography and letters. There are proverbs, songs, parables, personal letters, general letters, narratives, covenants and other literary styles within its pages.

Starting January 7, 2018 small groups will begin meeting here at the church building and in homes of members to share what we’ve discovered in each week’s readings.  (See the above link for the lesson guides).

This year as we read through the Bible together, we’ll be focusing on GOD’S SAVING MISSION.  God is our creator, and He is also our Savior.  This is one of the central themes of all the Bible.  God so loved us, He gave us His Son to save us from our sins and bring us to Himself and together as a family in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Won’t you join us?  You can get a Bible that’s organized chronologically.  We are using the One Year Chronological Bible for our readings

(click underlined above for a link to see one online).

Also, you can listen to this on your smartphone, tablet or computer, if you have the “YouVersion” app.  It is free and you just search for “Chronological bible” on your app to get two our three different options for this.

(click underlined above for a link to download YouVersion).