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God's gracious gifts
God’s gracious gifts
Building etc. 045
New construction begins April of 2008
Getting closer to completion
Our wonderful Church family is growing!


My family and I moved from Concord, New Hampshire to Signal Mountain in September of 1998 when I accepted the position of preaching minister here at the Signal Mountain Church of Christ.  It was a warm, friendly, unified church with two elders and about 75 in attendance on Sunday mornings.  We were set to grow.  God began giving the increase right away and within five years we had over 150 in attendance and we faced the challenge of needing more parking and seating space.  By 2008 we had added a large addition onto the building for education and fellowship space, and a small parking addition, but now our auditorium was well over 80% full with no room for a new family of five to enter and sit together without disruption.  Two years ago we made plans to go to two services on Sunday mornings to make room for new growth.

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