Fear and Love

Revelation in the Bible reveals the workings of Satan and the Sovereignty of God in ways that remind us of this fallen world and where all who refuse to bow to Jesus Christ in faithful obedience will end up. Yet, Revelation also shows that some will simply NOT turn to God’s will and accept His grace. They are deceived and actually believe the lie of Satan that following God’s ways are┬ánot worth it. Satan is clearly bent on destruction of everything good. Jesus said that he is a liar and murderer from the beginning, calling Satan the father of lies.

Do not let fear of the enemy be your motivation. Our fears should be directed toward God. He is worthy of all our love, and He is worthy of all our fears. I do not fear Satan. I respect what God says about him and I resist him and am willing to flee from him, but I want to fear God alone. That is my goal. I know that whatever I fear has control over my life, just as whatever I love controls me. I want to give God all my deepest emotions (love and fear) as well as all my strength. Then God can control my whole life and direct my heart and mind.

It is clear that Satan is a defeated enemy. He will ultimately end up in the fires of hell. All who follow his lies will join him there. It is God who prepared the place called hell, just as it is God who prepared the place called heaven. He alone has earned our fears and love. He is worthy to be feared and loved. He is worthy to control my life.

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