What happens when a seeking, serving Christian encounters a saving Christian? Let me define things a little clearer: what happens when a Christian with a strong focus on God’s kingdom and righteousness (seeking) as well as a strong focus on loving one another (serving) encounters a Christian who’s strongest focus is on evangelism (saving)?
Seeking, serving churches love God and one another, but may be challenged when it comes reaching out to “outsiders” who are unlike them.
It is no secret that Jesus commissions His people to go and “make disciples” (that’s a saving mission).
Ask yourself this question: How many people have I made into disciples, or led into a saving relationship with Christ? Name them.
Seeking the kingdom and righteousness of God is important. Matt. 6:33
Serving the Lord by serving His people is critical. Matt. 25:40&45.
But a seeking, serving church also needs to make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20), not just in house with our families, but reaching out to those who are lost, who are not seeking God’s kingdom and serving in the name of Jesus.
Serving the lost without saving them is not what Jesus told us to do.
Social justice (as important as it is) is less important than spiritual justification. What do saving churches look like?
They share their faith as if it is good news and the first matter of business in their relationships with others! Acts 8:4
They do not expect applause for doing so. Acts 4:23-29
In fact, they considered suffering for the name of Jesus a reason for rejoicing! Matt. 5:10-12, Acts 5:40-42.
The word of God spreads through them as they make disciples of others. Acts 6:7
If ever there was a time when we need the word of God to spread, it is now. Making disciples is God’s plan for getting that done. The saving mission builds seeking, serving Christians. Leave out the saving and there will soon be no one seeking and serving.

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