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Yesterday was Sunday.  I love Sundays.  Having just been released from the hospital, Kendall took responsibility for the sermon so Jenny and I got to come, worship, and participate like all the rest of the family.  We even went to both services.  Maurice Jadon, from Nazareth, Israel, spoke during our Bible class time.  He told us about many of the challenges they face and dangers involved in sharing the gospel in a Jewish/Muslim context.  Sadly, many of the Muslims want to know more about Christianity, but are afraid of being killed if they are discovered.  The Jewish population is just as difficult to work with, since they see Christianity as somewhat of a political a threat.  May the Lord open hearts and minds to the gospel of Jesus Christ!  Let us keep them in our prayers.

Kendall gave us a superb message from 1 Samuel 12.  Among the lessons he shared was this great point: misplaced fear brings forgetfulness.  When Israel’s fears gripped their hearts, their minds forgot God’s care, power and providence.  Ignoring God’s word, they sought answers elsewhere and turned to idols and examples from the nations around them.  Their love for God waned and worldliness overwhelmed them.  Samuel called them to stand still and remember the mighty works of God.  Nothing brings peace and builds courage better than reflection on all God has done.  Why not stop what you are doing right now and stand still and remember the mighty works of God?  Give it 10 minutes.  You may be surprised at the blessing!


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